The Top 100 Canadian Photography Blogs

I spent more than a few hours going through all 100 of these Canadian photographer websites. I looked at blogs. I looked at images. I looked at ‘investment’ and ‘pricing’ and ‘services’, always with a mindset which said:

“These are my competitors. What can I learn from them? How do I compare to them? Should I subscribe to this blogbecause this person or these people have something to each me? ”

I seldom got hit between the eyes by the images or the websites I saw. Most of lacked what I call ‘visual punch’. Most of them were ‘conventional’, but that is what sells I guess.

So now I am stuck with a dilemna as I work at continuing to build my own photo business.

How do I combine “what impacts” with “what sells”, so that I make images that stand out, but also make a living?

An intriguing Jim Collins challenge, for those of you who know “Good to Great”. This book constantly influences my thinking about the “business of photography”, as separate from the process of making really great images.

Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap...And Others Don't by [Collins, Jim]