2020 Collaborative Creative Photography Projects

Invitation to Get Involved

Calling Models, Makeup and Hair Stylists, Stylists

and Other Folks Interested in Making Great Images Together


Creative Passion at Work

Let’s create a photo essay of you doing what you are passionate about – creating art: as a creative musician or artist

Violin Rapture

Violin Rapture

You as the creative artist is the focus of this photo essay. Shot in your studio or on location if you are a performing artist, we then collaborate to turn the final images into a dynamic photo essay showing one side  of you as a creative artist.

You get the photo essay to use in promoting yourself.

Cosplay / Fanasty Composites

Let’s work together to create some amazing cosplay / fanatsy images that lead to people who see them going ‘oh wow”

No images yet

We have to make them together

I am so inspired by Joel Grimes’ sport portraits and Lindsay Adler’s fashion shoots. (Look them up on the web). But I don’t want to just imitate then. I want to learn from them. I want to take their creative and technical insights, using them to make outstanding cosplay / fantasy composite images which you can use to promote yourself.

Super Soft Lighting 

Let’s work together to create some amazing images – call for interested models and make-up artists.


Super Soft Light-Image Found on the Internet

We all learn best by doing. This is an experimental shoot to add a new lighting technique to our technical skill sets. The results will be amazing. All it will take is a little work together.


Sensuous Seniors

I hate the word ‘senior’. It implies over the hill. But I know so many folks over 55 for whom this is just not true. I am a 70-year-old guy. I am profoundly visual, verbal, and sensual. My bet is you are too if you are over 55. 

Ingunn Ingunn

I love images and words that celebrate the power of make and female  sensuality  and vitality.

But most of the images of this kind are of folks under 40. Let’s change that. Let’s celebrate the fact that we ‘so-called seniors” are still sensual and vital beings by making amazing images together. You get to share with with friends, family, or loved ones. 

You Shrouded in Colored Fog

A photo shoot experiment

A call for involvement by interested models, make up artists, and a second photographer.


arson Making of BodyScapes

Brent Pearson: Making of BodyScapes – Inspiring “What if …”

We all learn best by doing. This is an experimental shoot to add a new lighting technique to our technical skill sets.  All it will take is a little work together.

You get to use  the images (or perhaps a photo essay) to promote yourself.


My Dog or Horse Companion

A chance to get a “no cost” photo essay of you and your dog or horse companion can use on your web site or social media.



Our companions as the source of so many joy filled moments. Capture some of them and share them with others through the magic of images and music.

I am always thinking about and planning ‘creative photo shoots’ to do 3 things:

  1. Expand my portfolio – illustrate to potential clients and collaborators what I do with a camera and afterwards, with a computer.
  2. Deepen my technical skills as a photographer by creatively applying  production and post production skills. 
  3. Build working relationships with models, makeup artists, and other folks interested in creative photography so that my network for personal and professional colleagues grows.

I want to collaborate with with other creative people in the Elora – Guelph -Kitchener/Waterloo -Wellington County – North Wellington County – Mississauga-Brampton area. I can work with others from further afield, but distance brings logistical and timing challenges.

I am constantly asking myself: 
“So what can I do that challenges me and others to become better at what we do while making great images together?

I like working collaboratively. I have strong ideas and visions artistically, but GREAT photography images are always the result of a collaborative effort by the people on two sides of the camera. So I am looking for people who want to contribute, not just be ‘photographed’.

If you are interested in collaborating, e-mail me.

Let’s do something fantastic together and make images that lead people to go ‘oh wow!”

“Create locally. Share globally” ™