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Body Form Shrouded in Fog

 An Opportunity to Get A Photo Essay that You Can Use to Promote Your Work

arson Making of BodyScapes

Brent Pearson” Making of BodyScapes on Vimeo

Brent Pearson put a video up on the Internet which showed the behind the scenes of his BodyScape images. These are essentially body shapes shrouded in dry ice fog.

That got me thinking, “What could you do with this idea?”

  1. What if the fog filled most of a small room or a contained space?
  2. What if the fog was lite by gelled lights?
  3. What if the model was moving in the fog, either in a bodysuit, if the model was comfortable with it, nude?

So I did some research and put together a Shoot Mood Book.

Now I am looking for people to work with to pull this off.

Have a look at the Mood Book, and if you are intrigued, let’s talk about collaborating on this.

“Create locally. Share globally” ™

If you want to see a PDF of Shoot Mood Book, click on the button below.

If you are an model or make up artist or photographer who is interested in participating, or know someone who is, please click the button below and use the contact form to send me an email.

Put “Body Form Shrouded in Fog ” in the subject of the email please.