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 An Opportunity to Get A Photo Essay that Showing Your and Your Friend

Your Horse or Dog Companion

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Examples of Photo Essays

You and Your Horse or Dog Companion

2018 Fall Photography Project

I am expanding the photographer services I offer to include images and photo essays of folks with their dog(s) or horse(s) companions. 

I have a horse of my own, and am used to working with and being around them. 

I have over the years had 5 German Shepherd companions, 3 of whom were rescues. I am used to being around, working with, and photographing dogs.

I think that makes me a photographer with a difference when it comes to creating these images for clients.

But first, I need to create some ‘examples’ to include in my portfolio.

So I am looking for a few folks who want to collaborate with me to make this work.  There will no cost involved, unless you plan to order some special printed images at the end of our work together.

Why Photo Essays?

I am a portrait photographer. A photo essay is a collection of images of a person at moments in time.

A photo essay combines the best of the static and the dynamic, resulting in a dynamic portrait of a person engaged in something about which the person is passionate. In this case, we will capture you being involved with a dog or horse.

How will we work together?

To create a photo essay which shows you and your companion at your best, we need to do the following together.

You need to participate. We need to talk through how to best make this happen. I will work with the images I produce and put them together as a photo essay. I will add music, unless you have music you prefer that works with the images. In this case, you must own the rights to this music and give me the right to use it.

The images will feature the two of you as you interact. That means we have to plan where, when and how we will do the shoot. The time we spend together has to work for all of you – you, your companion, and myself as the photographer. What we do together has to be structured for safety all round. Usually that means spending some time talking before we do the shoot. It might also involve a trip out to a location so that I can scout out how to best do the photography.

Photography is all about using / controlling light to make great images. Horses and dogs are not ‘models’ who take direction around moving in ways to get the best from the light. Instead, we will have to plan our time together so that what you do normally with your companion occurs in the ‘best’ light.

I will show you the best images that result using a proof gallery on the Internet. I will ask you for your input on which you like best. I will use your input as I select the final images to include in the photo essay.

I will feature the final photo essays on my web site, as well as a “short story about who you are and what you create’. I will show a draft of this story to you and get your input on it before the final version goes up on my web site

You will be able to link your own web site to my web site. I will include links to your web site in this story about you

I will provide you with a copy of the final photo essay in mp4 format, as well as low resolution digital copies of some of the images suitable for use on your own web sites and on social media. All I ask is that you credit me as the photographer when you use those images

We can also talk about creating high resolution, large size prints if you are interested, but there will be a cost involved. I use GTA Imaging for print work.


Please give me a call or send me an email if you are intrigued, and let’s talk.

The idea is to create something visually intriguing together,

the relationship that you have with your companion.

“Create locally. Share globally”

If you are interested, please send me an e-mail with your contact information.,
Please let me know a bit about your dog or horse, and what you want to do with the images / photo essay we create.