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Creative Passion at Work

 An Opportunity to Get A Photo Essay that You Can Use to Promote Your Work

Creative Passion at Work

2018 Fall Photography Project

I want to add an example of a dynamic portrait of an artist or crafts person doing what that person does best – create, that I can use as an example on my web site. You get a photo essay of you doing what you do best – painting, sculpturing, making jewelry ….to use in your own marketing and on your web site or on Facebook or on potentially on Instagram.

To do this, I need to collaborate with 1 or 2 creative Ontario artists / crafts people.

I will produce a photo-essay showing you creating a piece of work, in whatever media you work. We will collaborate to produce a dynamic portrait of you as an artist. See the examples of what I do on this website.

Why a Photo Essay?

I am a portrait photographer. A photo essay is a collection of images of a person at moments in time. A photo essay combines the best of the static and the dynamic, resulting in a dynamic portrait of a person engaged in something about which the person is passionate.

How will we work together?

To create a photo essay which shows you at your best, we need to do the following together.

  1. You need to participate. We need to talk through how to best make this happen. I will work with the images I produce and put them together as a photo essay. I will add music, unless you have music you prefer that works with the images. In this case, you must own the rights to this music and give me the right to use it.


  1. The images will feature you as you create, as well as images of your final piece. I will ask you for input during this creative process. You will need to sign a model release so that I can use the result on my own website.


  1. You need to let me visit you in your studio or in the place you create. I will need to come and to ‘watch’ you for a bit, so that I can figure out how to best photograph you as you work. I will need to plan the sequence of shots and the lighting that I need to use to best capture you and your work in progress. Photography is all about using and controlling light creatively.


  1. We will need to plan the shoot. I will have to come to your studio while you work. I might ask you to vary your normal flow of work a bit so that I can capture images which work for the purposes of the photo essay I will be creating.


  1. I will show you the images that result and ask you for your input on which you like best. I will use your input as I select the final images to include in the photo essay.


  1. I will feature the final photo essays on my web site, as well as a “short story about who you are and what you create’. I will show a draft of this story to you and get your input on it before the final version goes up on my web site.


  1. You will be able to link your own web site to my web site. I will include links to your web site in this story about you.


  1. I will provide you with a copy of the final photo essay in mp4 format, as well as low resolution digital copies of some of the images in it suitable for use on your own web sites. All I ask is that you credit me as the photographer when you use those images.


  1. We can also talk about creating high resolution, large size prints if you are interested, but there will be a cost involved. I use GTA Imaging for print work.


Please give me a call or send me an email if you are intrigued, and let’s talk.

The idea is to create something visually intriguing together,

that celebrates your creativity as an artist.

“Create locally. Share globally”

If you are an artist or crafts person who is interested, or know someone who is, please click the button below and use the contact form to send me an email.

Put “Crafts Person Dynamic Portrait” at the top of email please.

If you want to see a PDF of this Call to Action that you can download or print, click on the button below.