The Digital Eye

About Roelf

Who I Am

I write:

  1. a business talent management oriented blog: “Talent Trumps Everything”
  2. design e-learning programs: Know That / Know How / Know Why
  3. deliver soft skill (people skills) professional development programs to clients: Course List 
  4. and shoot pictures.

I have been an executive, senior consultant, IT leader, business analyst, programmer, and at the beginning of my working career, an office boy.

I have managed thousands of people and millions of dollars of an organization’s money.

Now my passions are photography, e-learning, and passing on what I know to the upcoming generations.

What I Shoot

PeoplePortraits / Head Shots and Dynamic Portraits  (for the fun of it and commercially – click here for more on my photography services ).

For the Fun of It and the Amazing Visual Variety I See in the World Around Me:

Public Events  – where I can shoot people who are involved in something they are passionate about.

Nature – landscape and macro.

Sporting Events  – especially ones involving friends, horses, and dogs.

What We Can Do Together

I am fascinated by working with people to make images that further their interests in life.

So if you are:

  1. a model or actor:  -wanting to make a Video Comp as well as traditional head shots and comp cards prints,
  2. a crafts person, wanting to portray your creative work in one or more photo essays for a website or blog,
  3. an athlete or dancer, wanting to show people what you do to reach your peak on a photo essay,
  4. an individual, wanting  to show a side of yourself on your social media pages through images and a photo essay.

Contact me, and we will work something out. I can work with you in the studio or on location.

You can see examples of the photo essays that I create here on the website.


Cameras. Lenses. Lighting Gear and Tripods

I use Nikon cameras and lenses. I look for second hand bargains whenever I can find them.  Some of my lenses have been with me for over 15 years.

I use Gitzod tripods that are over 30 years old. They still stand the test of time.

My lighting kit is designed to be portable, so that I can go on location. I use Godox AD360’s, a Godox AD200, and Nikon speedlights (some of which are over 20 years old), as my light sources.

My light modifiers are a blend of things that I have acquired over the years, either from other photographers, or from ‘off brand’ sources.

My approach to photo gear is “good enough to get the job done’.

Post Processing Software

I have been a Lightroom user for years. I also use Photoshop.

Because the rest of my life is so involved in computers, I am a heavy computer user, and have a lot of software tools.

Most are quite old. Others I now acquire on a subscription basis (Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite).

Again, my approach is ‘good enough’ to get the job done.

For websites, I now use WordPress and the Divi Theme. Both have been a revelation to me after years of being a Dreamweaver user.

I use Vimeo as my video hosting platform.


Slide Show Software

I have been a Photodex Producer user for many years. It is the one piece of software that I keep current.

I use the music from its royalty free music library extensively in my shows. (

I really like this software and think these folks do a fine job.

Photographic Suppliers I Depend On

One of my favourite sources for lighting gear is StrobePro in Calgary. If you don’t know them, check them out. Great gear at reasonable prices.

I have been a Vistek customer for many years. I frequent the Mississauga location.


Stay to date as I put up new photo essays or blog posts

Thanks for taking this step. A photographer's reputation is only as good as the apprecriation he gets from people. So I apprecriate your interest in my work. 

Thanks for your interest in my work ....