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Roelf Woldring – Guelph Ontario

Photographer and creator of photo essays

“Light makes or breaks a photograph.

Understanding light, controlling it,

and loving it ….

makes or breaks a photographer.”


Most of my photography on this site is shared in the form of photo essays.

I find the combination of static and dynamic control that the photo essay format gives you irresistible.

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A few of the images used in these photo essays are shown below. 

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2. Click on the image og s  the collection to go to the actual photo essayd on Vimeo.

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Owais (Head Shot Taken to be submitted for a “villain” role)

Katie - Serious Chess

Katie – Serious Chess

Flower Macro 2008

Flower Macro 2008 – Small Things

Frog on Lily Leaf

Froggy Rests Heavy Head on Lily Leaf – Summer In The City


Daitan – My Pack and I

Images in which personality and the vitality of life shine through.

Roelf creates images

whenever he is not writing fiction or

creating soft skill development

e-learning and face-to-face programs.


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Thanks for taking this step. A photographer's reputation is only as good as the apprecriation he gets from people. So I apprecriate your interest in my work. 

Thanks for your interest in my work ....